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The AS721x/AS722x are complete system-on-chip (SoC) sensor-integrated IoT smart lighting managers for color-tunable white lighting applications. They also support daylight harvesting and color/lumen maintenance lighting applications. 0-10V control and network-enabled high-level command inputs are combined with industry-standard PWM and 0-10V outputs for direct control of LED power systems. The Smart Lighting Director adds closed-loop sensing, providing tuning directives to an existing smart light architecture. Sensor-hub expansion capabilities include native support for various ams environmental sensors for added IoT flexibility. Non-networked versions support stand-alone color/lumen maintenance and daylighting functions for new designs and retrofits.

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AS7211 is a networking-enabled IoT smart lighting manager with embedded digital ambient light sensor providing closed-loop and automatic daylighting management. IoT luminaire control is through a network connection, or by direct connection to 0-10V dimmers, with control outputs that include direct PWM to LED drivers or analog 0-10V to standard dimming ballasts. A simple text-based smart lighting command set and serial UART interface, enables easy integration to standard network clients.


Simplify tunable white lighting systems with the AS7221 sensor-integrated IoT smart lighting manager. The AS7221 will lower the manufactured cost of your tunable white lighting system. Closed loop tri-stimulus color sensing for direct CIE color point mapping and control enables lower precision components to produce a higher-quality tunable white luminaire or replacement lamp. This network enabled chip-scale solution uses a simple text-based smart lighting command set via the serial UART interface to deliver easy integration to standard network clients. Legacy controls are also supported with direct connection to 0-10V controls,. Control outputs include direct PWM management of digital LED drivers or analog 0-10V for standard dimmable drivers.


The AS7225 tunable white and daylighting smart sensor/director incorporates an embedded digital tri-stimulus chromatic ‘calibrated for life’ nano-optic sensor providing direct CIE1931 XYZ and CIE 1976 u’v’ coordinate mapping. Adaptive algorithmic support enables a companion microprocessor to implement closed-loop, autonomous adjustment of variable CCT and daylight responsive LED lamps and luminaires. The AS7225 arrives pre-calibrated, and is designed for rapid integration into white-tunable and daylight responsive luminaire designs, delivering directives to the local microprocessor via an industry standard I²C bus.