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Image Enhancement - white balancing

Auto white balancing

Color sensors from ams can be used to help a camera’s image processing algorithm to take the best white-balanced picture in scenes where it is prone to fail.


Although cameras’ image processing algorithms have improved dramatically, their automatic white balance (AWB) algorithms can fail under certain conditions. AWB failures occur when a scene is dominated by one color, or in mixed lighting environments in which there is a combination of natural sunlight and artificial lighting. This is because they need to correct for the color of the light source, but cannot directly measure it.


The TCS3400 RGB+IR and TCS3430 XYZ+2IR color sensors from ams sense light over a hemispherical field-of-view when placed behind a diffuser – a field of view similar to that of the human eye – and more accurately capture light from all of the ambient light sources, thus dramatically improving the white balance of an image.

Image Enhancement - Light Source Detection

Light Source Detection

ams color sensors with dedicated infrared photodiode detection channels enable applications to analyze and identify the sources of ambient light. The ability to respond appropriately when operating in sunlight, in artificial light or in mixed lighting helps applications to perform various functions, such as display management and automatic white balancing.


ams offers both RGB and high-accuracy XYZ color sensors with dedicated IR channels. These include the TCS3400 RGB+IR and TCS3430 XYZ+2IR products, offered in a very small form factor at a price point suitable for the latest consumer electronics products.

Image Enhancement - ToF

Auto-Focus and Background Blur Assist

Single zone 1D Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors can be used for front-facing camera auto-focus assist, providing accurate and fast measurement of the distance to an object. This produces fast in-focus pictures. When used together with 3D sensing systems, ams’s 1D ToF sensing technology supports accurate object distance ranging to ensure that background blur or replacement effects are are optimized by the camera algorithm.

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